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Yago had a tribute to mothers on Tuesday and we were able to celebrate outside. Fortunately, I only saw one live cicada despite the constant droning causing us to yell in order to hear each other. Yago was showing off one of his favorite playground activities:


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Silver Dollar City!

We spent several hours at Silver Dollar City while we were on our road trip to Arkansas. The boys had a great time despite the fact that Daryoosh was too short for the kiddie rides!

My cowboys

Another dancing fool…

On Sunday we went to Silver Dollar City in Branson, MO. We all had a blast, especially Yago, who was tall enough for the kiddie rides (Daryoosh will have to wait for the the next trip, though). It was their last day of World Fest, and we stumbled upon music and dancing from India. We…

Road Trip

What makes a road trip go by faster? THIS! Click through to watch the YouTube video! (He’ll likely hate me for this one day.)  

Weekly Winners, May 1-7

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10 years continued…

I took a buttercream class with some friends at Sweet Wise. I’m actually embarrassed to post this picture, but it wasn’t too bad for my first ever iced cake, right? I may just stick to icing gingerbread houses and two-bite brownies. I’m better at that than piping buttercream shells, stars, flowers, and leaves.

10 Years

Santi and I celebrated 10 years of marriage by baking some chocolate together. We took a class together along with some friends at the¬†Nashville Chocolate Kitchen. The class was called “Real Men Eat Ganache.” Check out their website and give them a visit. You won’t regret it! See you later…I’m off to eat some more…

Weekly Winners, April 24-30

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