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Too Sick for school?

You decide:

Yago at 4.5ish

You love your brother. You want to be “first” at everything. First to get to the door, first to get dressed, first to finish breakfast, first to run to that wall, first, first, first. Hmm…not sure where you might have picked up your competitive nature… You want to place the last piece of the puzzle….

2 points!

Yago had a tribute to mothers on Tuesday and we were able to celebrate outside. Fortunately, I only saw one live cicada despite the constant droning causing us to yell in order to hear each other. Yago was showing off one of his favorite playground activities:

My cowboys

Road Trip

What makes a road trip go by faster? THIS! Click through to watch the YouTube video! (He’ll likely hate me for this one day.)  

Play Ball!

Just because I’m not a big fan of baseball doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy some fun in the backyard! The boys had fun today! It looks like playing Wii baseball at 18 months does make a difference! Maybe Yago can teach Daryoosh a little bit of Wii baseball in the meantime.    

Post-goal strut

One thing is clear, you can tell that Yago’s having fun on the field because he’s all smiles… And the biggest smile of all? Post goal.  

I did my best.

Well, you can’t say I didn’t do the best I could… Today, Yago, the last one standing without any maintenance medicine, may have joined the ranks of the rest of us. I have never suffered from allergies, but as it turns out, I may have allergy-suffering offspring. I thought I had it all figured out. Studies…

A regular comedian

  Tuesday (March 14) was the 10th anniversary of my legal marriage. My dad surprised us by showing up at our house to watch the kids so that Santi and I could have a nice dinner date. I was already in the process of making some pork chops with an apricot/tomato chutney of sorts. I…


Hi! It’s me. I’m still here.  I’ll be back soon with more pictures and stories, I promise. In the meantime I’ll leave you with this: Yago has decided he is going to move to his grandma’s house.  He cries pretty much every time he has to leave.  Mom, if you’re reading, want to keep him…