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Bi-Weekly Winners May 8-21

Ok. We were out of town and I missed last week, so here are my winners from the last two weeks!

Have you visited this site yet? No? Well, you should.  

April Fool

I wish I had good April Fool’s joke to pull. The truth is that beyond the “I’m expecting” joke I really didn’t come up with anything original this year. But alas, the day is young and there’s plenty of time to think of something. Happy April 1st everyone! Be on alert for tricks today!  

Under Construction

Sorry about the mess here. I’m working on a new design. Hopefully it won’t take long! (And if it does, I should probably hand it over to an expert, anyway).

Google Chrome

Hey! I’m a google chrome fan. Unfortunately, google chrome and my blog are no longer friends. As of a few months ago, my cream background no longer works when visiting the blog using chrome. Weird, I know. Other browsers work fine. So unless you’re staying in your reader, please use safari or firefox to read…

I love this time of year!

Birthdays are coming up! Yago in October, Daryoosh in November, Santi in December and last, but not least MINE in January! I like to have fun with the boys’ birthdays. Do I sometimes go overboard? Yes. (OK, maybe always.) But it’s one of my only creative outlets. This year? I’m making party hats. Yes. Making…

And the winner of the coolest birthday cake ever…

(I think the cake was purchased here in case anyone is interested)


New day New look New motivation to write


The moment you’ve all (all 10 of you who read this blog) been waiting for is here! No, I’m not pregnant again! I have a new blog design being cooked up by the fabulous Cynthia at NW Designs ( I’ll be going live with the new look soon, so stay tuned!!

Bundled Up

This week’s I ♥ Faces challenge is “Bundled Up”. See more bundled faces at I ♥ Faces!