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Play Ball!

Just because I’m not a big fan of baseball doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy some fun in the backyard! The boys had fun today! It looks like playing Wii baseball at 18 months does make a difference! Maybe Yago can teach Daryoosh a little bit of Wii baseball in the meantime.    


Yes, we jumped off of that.   Eazy-peazy. Here’s a video of our adventure!  

The celebration

You saw the goal, now see the celebration! Special thanks to Jay for this last shot!!

Weekend fun!

I see much more bowling in our future!  Yago had a blast!  He and Santi tied the first game with 81 points, and I won the second game.  Interestingly, Santi and Yago tied in the second game as well… Concentrating before the big throw This is probably my favorite shot of all of them. Action…

Air Yago

Yago wasn’t feeling well and had a fever Thursday night and throughout most of today. I think it’s pretty safe to assume that he’s feeling better… [youtube=]

College GameDay Fun!

More pictures and movie clips at

College GameDay Here We Come!

Is it bad that I am more excited about College GameDay at Vanderbilt than about next week’s debate at Belmont?  Is it bad that within 15 minutes I abandoned my place in line in the rain with my infant the last time we had a local election?  Is it worse that we are going out…