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Happy Father’s Day, Santi!

Happy Grandfather’s Day!

Picnic in the park

What’s better than a family picnic in the park?   A family picnic in the park with entertainment provided by the Nashville Symphony Orchestra (with the Star Wars theme song as the finale, too!) Who else is just loving summer?

Silver Dollar City!

We spent several hours at Silver Dollar City while we were on our road trip to Arkansas. The boys had a great time despite the fact that Daryoosh was too short for the kiddie rides!

My cowboys

10 Years

Santi and I celebrated 10 years of marriage by baking some chocolate together. We took a class together along with some friends at the Nashville Chocolate Kitchen. The class was called “Real Men Eat Ganache.” Check out their website and give them a visit. You won’t regret it! See you later…I’m off to eat some more…

Best buds

The closest thing Yago and Daryoosh have to cousins right now are their second cousins. They have a second cousin in Tehran, two (almost three!) second cousins in Amsterdam, and two in Southern California. At least they get to see the Southern Californians twice a year! Despite the distance, they seem to have an instant…

Snacks, Grandma-style

Growing up, my mom never let us have anything that contained artificial color in it.  (Not on purpose, anyway). Fast-forward several years and take a look at the Valentine’s Day treat she had ready for the boys: Once she saw their lips and realized these were BLUE raspberry (and not just raspberry-flavored ring pops), she…


As you all know, Tia Paloma was here for a couple of weeks in November and her new Flip camera became an extension of her arm.  She’s taken the 3001 videos she took while she was here and created a mini movie with some great moments from her visit. Grab your popcorn, sit back and…

Coming soon to a theater near you…

The latest production by Tia Paloma!