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Toddler Antics

Having Tia Paloma here is wonderful…and not just because the flip camera has become an extension of her hand… It has reminded me, though, that I’m not taking enough video of the kids these days. For example, if Paloma hadn’t taken this video, I would have never have experienced the severe pain of my sides…

Picking my battles

With a pushing-the-limits four-year-old and a defiant not-quite-two-year-old, I am definitely picking the battles I want to fight. 1) Wii. I am winning this battle with extra spoils.  I stand firm on no Wii play during the week.  We’ve had this rule in place for so long, that Yago no longer asks to play.  He…

Sunday morning silliness

I dare you…

…to try to look into those eyes and say “no”!

Best picnic ever!

Aunt Sheila threw the best picnic ever while we were visiting her in Brooklyn this weekend. Just ask my boys!  Better yet, just check out their expressions in these photos!

Today’s lesson

Both boys are home from school today due to flooding, but that doesn’t mean that they aren’t learning. Overheard from the other room: Yago: Daryoosh, can you say booby trap? Daryoosh: boob trip I just can’t wait to hear their future conversations!

“I’m the king of the world!”

Yes, you guessed it!  Tía Paloma is at it again!  Here’s the original picture if you missed it on my photoblog: NoTodoYago Project365 Gracias Palo!

Life update

It’s probably about time to write instead of only posting pictures.  I have the photo-blog (http://projectthree65, for pictures right? I don’t know why I’ve been uninspired lately.  I have a lot going on, trying to juggle work and home, but that’s nothing new, is it?  I’ve been more present with the kids.  We’ve done more…


I hope this is the start of a long and beautiful friendship.

Fun in the park!

Once upon there was a very young boy who was a little shy. It took him quite some time to love the adventure of a twisty slide And then there was his little brother… Who’s hair is now like this permanently from all of the trips down the twisty slide. And thank goodness his little…