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Happy Father’s Day, Santi!

Happy Grandfather’s Day!

Weekly Winners June 12-18


June 12-18th Protector of all things duplo Hellooo Lashes Indoor Soccer at the grandparents’ Dramatizing┬áthe belly rash Distinguished gentlemen And…a little fun with photoshop iPhone shot Want to be inspired? See more Weekly Winners at

Yago at 4.5ish

You love your brother. You want to be “first” at everything. First to get to the door, first to get dressed, first to finish breakfast, first to run to that wall, first, first, first. Hmm…not sure where you might have picked up your competitive nature… You want to place the last piece of the puzzle….

Picnic in the park

What’s better than a family picnic in the park?   A family picnic in the park with entertainment provided by the Nashville Symphony Orchestra (with the Star Wars theme song as the finale, too!) Who else is just loving summer?

Weekly Winners June 5-11

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Weekly Winners May 29-June 4

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Weekly Winners, May 22-28

A step back in time…   Drippy goodness   iphone shot: Want to be inspired? See Lotus’ weekly winners!

Duck, duck, duck,…goose!

Mother goose was in a fowl mood today at the zoo when kids were getting too close to her goslings. After a few older kids had gotten a little bit too close for comfort, this goose decided to attack Daryoosh. Sure, go after the smallest kid in the bunch. I see how it works. Anyway,…

Bi-Weekly Winners May 8-21

Ok. We were out of town and I missed last week, so here are my winners from the last two weeks!