Yago at 4.5ish

You love your brother.

You want to be “first” at everything. First to get to the door, first to get dressed, first to finish breakfast, first to run to that wall, first, first, first. Hmm…not sure where you might have picked up your competitive nature…

You want to place the last piece of the puzzle. If your brother has the last piece, you either wrestle him for it, or let him place it and just break off another piece so that yours is the last.

You curl your lip up on your right sometimes when you are explaining things. This makes me laugh on the inside.

You still like to snuggle a bit in the mornings.

You are usually good about saying “please” and “thank you”.

You LOVE to wash the baseboards. Actually, you love to wash anything I’ll let you wash as long as you get to use a spray bottle.

You love swimming and taking baths.

You love to spend the night at your grandparents’ house.

You love and enjoy school.

You usually play very well with your brother.

You like Rocky and Bullwinkle (you’ve watched every episode of every season).

You taught your brother the “why are you hitting yourself” shtick.

You are curious and ask questions.

You are “super duper” fun to be around.


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