The end of an era

On Thursday we decided to take Daryoosh to the ASAP clinic at Vanderbilt. I had heard great things about the clinic, and the only reason we didn’t go there originally is that we were referred to an allergist in close by (and who doesn’t like the convenience of being within a few miles–especially if weekly allergy shots are needed in the future??)

Anyway, I wish I had taken some photos while we were there. The appointment took a little over two hours (they had said to plan for four, so we were expecting much longer!), and Daryoosh was a ham the entire time. I took his favorite dinosaur puzzle and he did that about three times, and then eventually moved on to the iPad. He was talking to all of the nurses and doctors he saw as if they were his best friends. I don’t think I had seen him ever this happy while being poked and prodded.

In his short 2.5 years, Daryoosh has had more than his share of asthma flare-ups. After his third one, we saw an allergist last year and started preventive medicine. We also did allergy testing and last year he seriously tested positive for almost everything except for cat dander. (Which is a good thing considering we have two cats!) We almost gave up our dog, Baci, because the test showed positive for dog dander.

Well, Santi and I wanted a current allergy picture, so we asked for a test at our consultation at ASAP. Interestingly, Daryoosh is now only allergic to grass. This definitely explains why he doesn’t sneeze, have a constant runny nose, and doesn’t show other symptoms! It seems like his flare-ups are only when he catches viruses.

Our new doctors would like us to give the inhaler/spacer combo a try for his maintenance medicine. For over a year, our routine had been to use the nebulizer twice per day. And as you see in the picture, Daryoosh had started to hold the mask himself several weeks ago. I am not sure what we’ll do with the extra time in the mornings! Maybe the boys will sleep in later (who am I kidding?!). Added to the mix are a nasal spray and daily nasal saline wash (surprisingly, this is going over much better than I expected…but we’re only 4 days into it so who knows how difficult it will become.)

We are excited to try a new approach, although I think the boys are a bit sad that it’s the end of the air compressor + nebulizer era. This was their twenty minutes of Scooby-Doo on the iPad in the mornings before school. One puff of the inhaler takes mere seconds.

Stay tuned, but hopefully I won’t have any updates to post regarding asthma for a long time!

2 Responses to The end of an era
  1. Brigid
    May 2, 2011 | 12:22 pm

    I hope he continues to grow out of all this business!

    • Shab at NoTodoYago
      May 2, 2011 | 7:35 pm

      Thanks Brig! We hope so too!
      I have some theories as to why he was allergic before and not now, but most of them aren’t very rational…