A regular comedian


Tuesday (March 14) was the 10th anniversary of my legal marriage. My dad surprised us by showing up at our house to watch the kids so that Santi and I could have a nice dinner date. I was already in the process of making some pork chops with an apricot/tomato chutney of sorts. I was slightly worried because I used a can of zesty jalapeƱo diced tomatoes AND I added crushed red pepper to the mix. I was watching in anticipation as Yago took his first bite. He began to chew with a smile, initially. The smile turned to a thoughtful, unsure, almost-frown. His face was progressively distorting into look of disgust. I was worried. My dinner was a flop. Yago chewed a few more times, contorting his face even further. “This is…”, he paused for dramatic effect, “…delicious!” And as he said this, his fake frown turned into a happy face. He was delighted that he had fooled his mother. I am pretty sure this is his most sophisticated joke yet.

It sure is a step above all of the poop jokes.

My son. A regular comedian. He’ll be here all week, folks.


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