We’re both the same!

This is what Daryoosh has exclaimed every time we have been inside the car since yesterday. Yes, I finally gave in and Santi turned his car seat around for us.  I thought I’d leave him there a few more months, but figured that this was as good a time as any since he hit the 2-year mark over a month ago.  My main reason for the change?  The back of the seat gives him even more leverage when he arches his back and refuses to sit (Thankfully, he’s usually agreeable to getting into the car these days, but the days that he is not is not…well, anyone with a two-year-old knows what it’s like!).

The boys are very happy about their new arrangement, but the happiest of all?  Santi, who can finally put the seat back to a more comfortable position when he’s driving!

The last month has been a big one for Daryoosh.  Between weaning him from his final 1-2 feedings to turning his seat around, my baby’s no longer a baby.


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